• Chris Rynning

Sexual Performance = BREATHING!

So you want to be the best "you" - also in bed. Turns out that breathing is key to sexual performance. This should not come as a surprise - as sex also very much is a physical exercise. You bike, run or climb - the right breathing will prolong and improve your performance. Proper breathing will make you last longer, send more blood to critical parts of the body, avoiding energy dips, delay and intensify your orgasm. An unknown thing for most is that breathing can make you “high”, and with your partner it can bring you both to another level of euphoria. So what do you do? Here are 3 simple tricks: 

  1. Breathe deep and long: try to use your diaphragm when breathing and having sex. Inhaling 4-5 seconds and exhale for about 10 seconds. This will be a deeper and slower rhythm and make you last longer.

  2. Synchronise your breath: try to find a rhythm to breathe together - this will surely bring you and your partner incredibly close, another level of intimacy altogether. 

  3. Slow down: Typically, as you near orgasm you will breathe faster and faster, so by slowing your breath down you will delay and intensify your pleasure. Especially if you are man, slowing things down most likely will benefit your partner, rushing towards orgasm is not the goal, the road travelled there should be as interesting and pleasing as the “arrival.”

So, breathe longer and use your diaphragm, synchronise your breaths, and slow things down. The likelihood is that breathing will bring you to “come” both closer and better.

Breathing works every time!


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